Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Am I really turning 30?

I swear, I just turned 21...or was it 25? I can't remember but it sure wasn't 29!!
Am I really turning 30??????

So I looked at the years in the past decade and....yup I am. Next Wed, I will be T-H-I-R-T-Y...


I started to date my main drone bee (Christopher) when I turned 21...that was a fun crazy night! And no I do not do things like that anymore!

And then we got married when I was 22...

had our first baby at 24...

had another one at 26...

had some serious temper tantrums at 27, 28, and 29...

and now I am facing 30!

Maybe thirty means no more temper tantrums???

(That was for Melody, Ali, Amy and Lisa)

Well, I will see what happens...

So here is to saying good by to 2009 and hello to a 4th decade!


And Happy New year!

Queen Bee in the Kitchen

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