Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bad Spider

My children love spiders. They love them so much that I have to remind them that they cannot touch and pick them up (eek!) It makes my skin crawl! But they love "Charlotte"...and really who doesn't. Well we have some "Charlotte's" around the corners of the house because due to economic times we had to cancel out the bug guy. So when my children noticed they were in the corners of the rooms in the house we looked them up online. They are called "house spiders" (go figure).

So tonight, the children and I notice a lady bug walking around my white popcorn sprayed ceiling. She was just prancing her little red body with 4 polka dots across the way...we were so happy looking at her when out of know where...
"Charlotte" came out and SNATCHED HER UP!!!!!!!!!!

I stood frozen!!!! I looked at my kids and their eyes were as big as Roger Rabbit's! Sophia screamed...Stella screamed and I panicked!! I was so heartbroken not only for this sweet ladybug, but the look of fear on my children's face was out of one of a horror movie! They screamed for me to stop the spider and save the lady bug!! I didn't know what to do!! I know that nature says this happens...but not in front the George kids! It couldn't! They would never forgive the spider species! So I jumped on a chair in the kitchen and got a napkin...brushed through her little web and scooped the lady bug out (let me tell you... but I didn't tell them, I know what happens when the spider catches the injects some poisonous stuff into it, which I think already happened to this kids do not ever need to know that!) and then my kids were screaming like we were in an Emergency OR "let me have her...let me have her!!!" I knew this bug had no chance so I throw her outside (for something else to eat her). My kids acted like I just took away their favorite toy. Well, then after about 10 seconds they went along there business, which is watching barbie princess castle and pulling each others hair.

I stood there by myself in the kitchen and then with a heavy heart I looked at "Charlotte"....I just realized I took away her meal probably for the day. For the sake of my children not to be traumatized I went against nature and stopped what should have happened. I felt terrible. So I waited for my children to go to bed.......................................


What the heck is wrong with me...not only do I not like spiders, not only do I not want spiders in my house, not only do I not want to feed the I becoming like the character from little shop of horrors where the spider is going to be like


oh yeah! I'm so putting an end to this and getting rid of cable and getting the bug guy back!


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