Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ben the Beekeeper

Some of you want to know this Ben guy. He is the Beekeeper. Master...Sensei...Whisperer...whatever you wanna call him. I feel comfortable enough now to call him my friend. I just popped over his house yesterday and he was mowing his 4 acres of grass. I wanted to take a pic of him b/c I realized that this guy that has taught me so much is only in my head and I wanted to share him with everyone. So here he is. Ben McGhee. Here are some pictures of him at his house with the "mother hives". These hives are the ones I learned everything on. I am so blessed to have Ben in my life. :)

Oh, and Mrs. Heather Heaton is the winner of the Upcycled mug!!!
Thanks Heather for leaving a comment!

If you want please go to her store on and leave her a message that you saw her stuff from my blog :)

also, the link to the note cards by Amanda Mason that was given away is:

I saw them and they are precious!

Did I tell you guys that Christopher drove me to Natchitoches, LA for Valentines Day so I could stand in the kitchen where Shelby told M'lynn she was pregnant! And stood on the grass in the downtown area where they had the Easter egg hunt at the end of the movie!! I'd like to go back there and for a girls weekend and stay at the Steel Magnolias House Bed and Breakfast! Any takers!?!?!? I am being very serious!

And remember:

"Like I say, if you don't have anything nice to say about someone...come sit by me." (claire to truvy at the Christmas party :)

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