Wednesday, October 21, 2009

meeting generations

Please don't pay any attention to the "ghetto blinds" in the background....thank you.
They are like that thanks to our VERY VISCOUS Dogs the chihuahua and the dachshund!

Now, To the point of this blog...

My grandpa (Na nu) came down last week, to meet my nephew for the first time. He is the first boy to be born with the Venafro name since 1982! Everyone has girls in the family and this was such a treat for him (and us). My brother is in Afghanistan, so he wasn't able to be here when my Grandfather's eyes lit up when he saw Michael jr. and said "I never thought I'd see the day!" So I wanted to capture something for my brother and my grandfather and my dad. My Grandpa was able to sit down with ALL his great grandchildren and then take us out for Chinese food after!! It was truly a wonderful moment that I will treasure always.

And by the way...Sophia wears that cat outfit, the bank, chick-fil-a, to bed...

I used to stereotype mom's before I had children. I would see thier kids at the store and they would be dressed up like batman or Elmo in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon....and I would say to myself "crazy people let their little crazy kids wear whatever they want don't they!"

And now...I have a tiger living in my house (that is what she says she is when she wears that thing)

HA! Don't ever think that you will not let your kids do things...our God has such a sense of humor... and sometimes I now dress up like snow white when I go to Kroger just to see 2 little girls smile and sing "Hi Ho Hi's over to Kroger we go!" It works...seriously...people think you are nuts...but your kids act better for you at the grocery store if you act nuts.

So, have a nutty day.


  1. You are a nut! And here's a song for you....

    I'm a nut, small and round.
    I lay on the cold, cold ground.
    People come and step on me;
    That is why I cracked you see.
    I'm a nut!
    I'm a nut!
    I'm a nut!

  2. I love the picture and you better email them to me lol!!


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