Friday, October 30, 2009

These are the days...

Trick or Treat...

We had so much fun last little Mayberry of a town celebrates trick or treating during the week if Halloween falls on a weekend night. The reason for this is football season. Nothing can get in the way of attending a Friday night high school game or College game day on Saturday!

First Sophia wanted to be "tigress" from Kung Fu Panda....but by trick or treat time she was a Jaguar. (I don't know where the heck a jaguar came from, but she looked really cool)

Then Stella was set on being a snake....but I couldn't find a snake costume. ANYWHERE! So she settled for a dragon...that kid is hysterical. You know when there is going to be "that one" in your family that is just a natural at being funny...That is Stella. I live to see what she is going to do or say next.

I love seeing my kids excited about something! Christmas Morning, Easter Morning, Fireworks on the 4th and HALLOWEEN!...these are the days.

Thank you Lord, for another day with my family.

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  1. precious!
    love their costumes!
    Angela they look HUGE!
    it has been way too long since we have seen you guys!
    they are growing up way too fast!
    we MUST see each other over Christmas!
    love you guys!


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