Tuesday, October 6, 2009

One good thing about rain...

My sister in law Tyler gutted her yard this past spring and when she did she found three rose bushes that we overgrown and weren't hardly blooming anything b/c they were covered by other shrubs and trees. She was just going to throw them away knowing that she didn't have the time to move and replant them and take care of them. This is due to the fact that my brother is in Afghanistan, she had just had a baby and not to mention the Two year old Typhoon, Isabella, (my niece) running around keeping her busy!

So, I took them with me to my house....trimmed them down and .....

they died.

I was so upset and mad at myself because I did everything I could...i watered them, gave them that stuff that you need to give them to make them grow, talked to them like I do to the spiders that live in and outside my house...and they still died. So I finally I just came to terms with it and let it go...then....it rained...and it rained and it rained (if you live in the southeast you know what I am talking about. These past few weeks it has just been raining!) And you'll never believe it...they came back to life! And they are the prettiest tea roses you have ever seen. And they are blooming in the FALL!

They are what I call "Shelby's Blush and Bashful" roses.

I love these pretty girls!

And I just wanted to share a pretty picture with you :)

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  1. I am sooooo glad that you could bring those beautiful roses back to life. I meant to tell you how gorgeous they looked when I was by there today! It would have been a real shame if I had trashed them! ~ Ty

  2. My colors are blush and bashful. :) They're beautiful.

  3. How are they looking now?
    I wanna see a picture of all of them!



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