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I am working on a website that will be up soon. It will be about my life with bees, cooking/baking using local honey, how to keep bees, my favorite books, some postings about my family, etc, etc. On the website, I will from time to time have some giveaways of some of my favorite things. Some things will be from my local community and others will be from all over. So here is a preview of what is to come!

On Friday at 10am - the winner will be announced and receive
a set of 10 3x3 hand made Bee and Flower note cards!

(They are in the picture above)

***Note: at first my husband asked me to give away one of our animals, but I told him no one would post a comment so I thought the note cards were a better choice!! No one wants a puppy that pees on the floor... among other gross things! :)

I love little cards like this. When I give a jar of honey or homemade vanilla extract away for gifts I like to use a little note card tied to it. It Gives it that extra detail to a special gift.

All you have to do is answer with a comment on my blog page to the following question:

What is your favorite season and why?

I can't wait to hear your answers! I love learning about people. So pass the info along to your other blog buddies so they might win the note cards too. Oh, and my husband is going to pick a random number for the winner :)



  1. I'm so glad you asked about the favorite season. I am so ready for mine to come! I love fall for it's slightly cool, low humidity, light breezy days. They kids are in school, leaves are changing, and there is life in the air. Wendy I

  2. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Fall! I love fall. A refreshing breeze from the deadly heat of summer. Many nights with people at my house watching SEC football! Sweaters/long sleeved t-shirts to cover up these jiggly arms from a long summer of shame. Caramel apples and WHITE pumpkins on my mantel!!!

    I love fall!!!

    (and I LOVE the notecards!)

  3. I love spring because everything is new again. I love the budding flowers, the singing birds, the smell of fresh cut grass, the clean scent in the air and knowing that beach days are just around the corner. I love the feel of sunshine. Not the burn me till I tan, but the feel of the warmth that the sun gives. I love the smell and feel of spring rains. It is so pretty to see the sun shine while the rain falls and spotting a rainbow with my kids.
    Kaire M

  4. I love Fall! It is a great break from the summer heat. There is a different smell in the air that makes me excited. Football season! The changing of the leaves. All the fall colors are beautiful!
    I didn't realize you were doing such cool things:)

    Tracy E

  5. I love spring. I love the feeling of expectation I get when I see the new greens coming up, the spring colors and smells- mostly I love all the pinks and blues in spring flowers!!!
    Oh, and I love the note cards!

  6. Oooooohhhh, I love notecards!! :) My favorite season is fall. To me, it is the most beautiful of all seasons. The colors of everything, the cool breeze that comes in unexpectedly, the clouds that start to roll in and set the mood for winter, FOOTBALL!!!, school starting, and most importantly, my wedding anniversary. I love Halloween, too. :) Everyone starts preparing for Christmas, decorations go up, malls get crowded....I could go on and on. Gives me butterflies in my tummy! Love ya!

  7. I love FALL ! Who doesn't ? First, the weather is nice and cool, the leaves are beautiful and my little girl in China, Maggie, was born Oct.29, 2008 - in the fall!

  8. Favorite season -- right now it's summer with vacation and beaches and family. But, in a month or so, it will probably be Fall with football and leading up to Daniel's wedding. But then again, it could be winter because all my children have birthdays that are technically in the winter (but, even that might not make it my favorite); And, I really like the spring with all the azaleas in bloom. OK -- my favorite season is NOW.

  9. Favorite season Fall. Being a Floridian it has been a sweet gift to live in an area where we could enjoy all seasons other than summer.:)

  10. Definitely Fall. Maybe because I lived 1/4 of a mile from the apple orchards of "Delicious Orchards." If you are from Jersey you would know what I am talking about. And Fall is apple season. Some of the best apples you'll ever eat...and the market sold everything apple...homemade cider, doughnuts...okay I have to stop. The cool air... the changing's fall for me!

  11. Beverly- the Bread LadyAugust 28, 2009 at 7:28 AM

    I think you are great Ang. This is a really neat blog idea. Randy and I want some chickens. If he had his way we would have a milk cow as well. I love the cards. Very dainty and sweet. Keep this up.


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