Monday, August 24, 2009


I remember I dreaded Mondays as a kid. It meant the weekend was over. I had to get up at 6:30am get ready for school and make sure I was at the bus stop by like 7:00am or somewhere close to that. I remember I liked Sunday nights so much b/c my dad was usually home and my mom would be catching up on laundry or cooking.

In RI, we didn't have central air so we had our windows open all spring,summer and fall. I remember fall the best in RI. That crisp cool air, the maple leaves crackling coming to their end and the smell of cinnamon...

I LOVE the smell of cinnamon!!!

I was still cleaning up my house from a very unsuccessful yard sale I had this weekend and I went out to throw the trash out around midnight. If any of you were up then you know what the weather was like! Fall is coming, Fall is coming! This Monday was one of the mornings that I will put down as a great one. Cool, breezy, I took the kids to the library, then walking, then we were off to find toads and water bugs at the creek at monkey park. Then we learned about Noah and his ark! I love Homeschooling my spider monkeys! (That is what they now want to be.) Well, maybe then, they will let me get rid of all 50,000 pairs of princess shoes we own...spider monkey's don't wear them, do they?

It's a great Monday.

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  1. YEAH....CINNAMON, BABY!!! (wink, wink) And the fall..yes, the FAVORITE time of year!! But, from one yankee to just doesn't start early enough down here:-( And.... I want to come hunt water bugs next time you go. It was a great day!


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