Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Initiated into the Bee Brotherhood (or sisterhood)...

So, it finally happened.... I got stung.

I went out to "plug" my bees to move them tomorrow morning (you plug them inside their hive so they can't get out when sunrise happens, that way you don't leave any behind when you have to move them) and when I did, she got me. I had really thick jeans on which tells me this one was determined to be a suicide bomber. She went in for the attack...right above my knee on the nice fatty part of my leg!!! To bad their venom doesn't destroy fat tissue because that would be the only nice thing about getting stung by a honey bee. Yes, it hurt. But I guess I had this one coming.

Ben, my Beekeeper Sensei, has been in question of me being a real beekeeper because I have not yet been stung. He always says "You will, and its gonna hurt." I have been doing my best not to get "hurt" and tonight it was just destined to happen. I feel like we are even now (me and my bees) because I robbed them last week. Yup, a whole gallon and a half of honey. So I look at it as I deserved it. I called Ben to let him know. He chuckled and said "All right!" Now you are officially in." (In the BeeKeeper Brotherhood)

So, rest asured that I am putting this one in the books as a "red letter day". The day I got stung by a honey bee and the day I became a true beekeeper :)

PS: Chris was in the car the whole time laughing at me! So, no "honey" for him :)


  1. So sorry !!! OUCH! Can I come and take pictures of you while you harvest the honey ???
    You could use the pictures on your BLOG.....

  2. please do!!!! Next time I do come with me :)


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