Monday, August 17, 2009

seven years (*Sigh*)......

I am in love with "The Pioneer Woman"!! I love her recipes and her photography. I am addicted to her website! I am going to try her prune cake! She lives on a cattle ranch I think in Oklahoma.

I sometimes want Chris to be a cattle rancher/Farmer/cowboy in the wild west roping and wrestling down cows....then again....he would probably hurt himself. He told me when he went to a ranch in CO that he rubbed all the hairs off his legs after an hour of being on a horse. They still haven't grown back. (Te, hee, hee) He makes me laugh. He's a goofy guy...

We have been married 7 years today :) Did you know that 2 people can eat at Logan's for $13.99 from 3-6pm!!!! We had an appetizer and dinner for $21.00!!!!

Happy Anniversary to us!

PS: I love Chris George

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