Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pig Fly?

I think Sophia has it. I heard her up early and then she crawled into my bed saying that her tummy and her leg hurt. Being a parent I know now that kids try to do anything to get another cookie, play out side a little longer and crawl into bed with mommy and daddy. But a fever seals the deal of not making up excuses... and she has one. We have a lot of mom' s calling us saying their kids have the "flu"..."THE SWINE FLU"...uh,oh...call Fox News! My child may have the Pig Fly!

So, she is eating Cinnamon rolls (thanks to Pioneer Woman's Tasty Kitchen) in bed watching Sesame Street. Hopefully this will not really be the flu but just a sweet excuse to cuddle in bed with my 5 year old who still likes to be nudged in my neck when she's not feeling well :)


  1. oh i hope it's nothing worse than a simple little virus!

    keep us updated! i hope she feels better!!!!

  2. I think she is fine...gave her motrin this morning and she isn't running a fever anymore. Maybe I jumped the gun on the swine flu thing! Hope you are well Heather!

  3. Ugh !!! I hope she is feeling better !


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