Sunday, August 30, 2009

Whatta guy...

So today, I needed some mommy time. I had to have a break from my "sick but getting better" children. I needed to breathe the air outside into my lungs and I needed to waist a little bit of money on some stuff I didn't need. I had too.

And my guy let me :)

I went walking at the park for an hour blasting some praise music in my ears, to become refreshed (didn't get to go to church today) then walked around Angel's Antiques for 2 1/2 hours!!!! I got lost in there! I bought some books...I found some Dr. Suess... and Kathy and Joyce I got some little house on the prairie books for .50 cents! I am going to start to read them to them this week when they are 100%. Right now my kids just want to watch movies and eat red popsciles. And that is okay if you have the swine flu.

Back to my guy...(let me back up, when I left I had 2 sinks full of dishes) so I came in from a church meeting after my time shopping and when I walked in the dishes had been done! :) Not only did he let me leave for 5 hours today...but he did the dishes!!

I used to write "I love so and so" on my notebooks in high school but they never did my dishes... So since he is such a wonderful guy, and he loves God more than me, and he gave me such cute kids, and HE DID MY DISHES....Here you go honey...


And I never wrote that on a computer before about anyone but you!!

yup...I do. Now I'll go make you some brownies...and I'll do the dishes.


  1. AAAAWWWWWW too !!!!
    (Hope everyone is feeling better.)

  2. 4-eva hahahaha you so silly.
    chris is a good guy!


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