Sunday, November 29, 2009

Harry and David Giveaway...

I have been eating leftovers from Thanksgiving since Thursday afternoon.

I NEVER WANT TO EAT....Green bean casserole, Turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing/stuffing, corn, or mac and cheese EVER AGAIN!!!!!

So that being said... I am going on an "everything sweet" diet until Christmas.
I'll keep you updated on how successful I am with it. I think I'll do well!

In honor of starting my "everything sweet" diet, I am giving away a box of...
Harry and David Royal Riviera Pears!

If you haven't had need them! They are DIVINE!!!! I love getting these for Christmas...hint,hint :)

The question to win is:
What is something sweet I can eat on my "everything sweet diet"?

Just leave a comment by 9pm tonight and if you have twitter tweet it! I let my kids pick the random number of who wins so their is no cheating...promise :) Winner will be announced tonight with a yummy pear and honey recipe!

(shipping is to US only...sorry my British Beekeeping friends :()


Queen Bee in the Kitchen


  1. i love Pears! You can diet on some swedish fish and malt balls ... those are my 'go to' sweet items :)

    glad you had a great thanksgiving!!!!
    hope to see you soon!


  2. cracker barrel pecan pie
    cracker barrel apple struesel pie
    Aunt Pam's cream cheese key lime pie
    oh're probably sick of pies too...hmmm, jello, it's sweet and healthy lol

  3. I always each Chocolate chip cookies. My new fave is Chips Ahoy White Fudge Chunky..It is Chocolate and White Fudge Chips

  4. My Nana Browns granola recipe! Oats, almonds, cocoanut, honey and vanilla. Raisins, too, of course. Sweet, healthy, filling and Nana approved.


  5. tutti fruiti pop corn from the pop corn wagon here in MI ohhh or their peanut butter popcorn, or green apple popcorn,even pumpkin pie popcorn, how bout i just send you a tin of mixed flavors?? You'll be hooked for life. ~

  6. Cuban Dessert Flan!
    Brusters icecream:D
    I am not good with this post a comment.
    It always shares I am posting url contains with illegal characters.
    It's me The Frick girl;D

  7. I have to be honest...never had them! Would be completely new to me!

    Love you & Miss You Angela...
    Melissa (Fallon) Aversa

  8. Chocolate mint ice cream and chocolate chip cookies with mint chips (the special holiday edition) from Pillsbury- a pregnant craving if you cannot tell! Or if you're feeling ambitious, an apple gallette recipe from Williams Sonoma! :) Kristen Carver

  9. I'd love some pears and I hear these are the best!

  10. I could so go for some lemon squares and a Del's lemonade!
    Tracy = )

  11. chocolate chip mint ice cream or pepermint shake from chic fil a or pepermint mocha from starbucks :)

  12. Does 9pm mountain time count?!?! My suggestion is TCBY and I love those pears too and want to win them! :)


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