Thursday, November 26, 2009

What I am thankful for...

I am thankful for...

1. My very cute husband, and the new love we have found in each other

2. My first born...and her mermaid Bon Jovi looking hair (it is starting to grow out now, thank you for the prayers..ha!)

3. My second born, and the fiery passionate personality that she already has and will use for "good" in her life when she chooses (you believers know what I am talking about)

4. My parents...know matter how crazy they are, they would give me their kidney's if I needed one.

5. Did I already say my cute husband???

6. My in laws...especially my mother-in-law...without her on her knees praying for me I don't know where I would be sometimes.

7. Honey Bees... because we wouldn't have some of the things at our table for thanksgiving dinner today without them.

8. My brother coming home safe from Afghanistan and thankful for all the others that are serving out great nation that not able to be with their families today.

9.okay, honey pecan pie...I had to put it here. (recipe is on a previous post this week if you want to try it)

10. My Lord and Savior Jesus...I am standing...willing...and thankful. I praise only you.

Happy Thanksgiving

Queen Bee in the Kitchen

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