Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vanilla Extract

I know this isn't a recipe for something with Honey...


I use Vanilla Extract so much that my friend Diane, who has a wheat business shared her recipe with me to make my own! It is WONDERFUL and if you can find some really cool vintage bottles you can give them away as Christmas gifts! :)

Here is what you do...

1.75 Liters of Vodka (any Brand, I used the cheapest I could find)

20 Vanilla beans ( I bought them on Ebay fresh and sealed for about $10)

put all the vanilla beans into the vodka bottle ( you have to pour out some of the vodka...or drink it :)

Put cap back on let it sit for 30 days, shaking it once in a while then when ready, strain vodka in a big bowl taking out vanilla beans.

slice vanilla beans open and scrap all seeds out and put back into vodka extract and stir in bowl.

Either funnel back into vodka bottle or pour into individual bottles!!!

WHALLA!!! Your own Vanilla Extract!!


  1. I've got to make this !! Yummy !

  2. mom and i made homemade vanilla last year for christmas presents. sooo great!

  3. Love that idea! Thanks for sharing something different.


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